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Last updateTue, 06 Aug 2013 2am

Back You are here: Home Themed Collections The Collective Speaks Browse All Collections Writers in Residence: Dennis Cruz Clearly in the Dark - June 2011 Writer in Residence: Dennis Cruz, Part 2
Monday, 06 June 2011 04:48

Clearly in the Dark - June 2011 Writer in Residence: Dennis Cruz, Part 2

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carousels of bending limbs /

flickers of the bloodlight / bouncing

bones erected / fences and walls

torsos bruised / capillaries singing

death’s hymn / an ode to disease

escape hindered / mired in desire

butchers lined in meat’s procession /

that the blood might cleanse /

genitals swelling and volleying

for position / the bells ringing

in the halls of surrender / the soft

insanity / seductive and forgiving/

ape spit shining in the orifice of dreams /

funerals of joy / bedding down heavy

with lipstick smeared and eyes turned back

to the excess of abandon /

because the dark there pleasures /

deep as the menstrual ruins /

our cavernous nature /

pearls of semen pulsing

beneath flesh / taxed and stretched./

the occupation of deliverance /

irrational fears entwined into the braided ropes of our

denial / limp bodies piled one atop the other

maggot blankets of slithering suffocation

wet beds of shame / the arbitrary betrayal of instinct /

mind against compulsion / fever forcing fire

into submission / the reeling thoughts

left to their own mischievous devices /

and the absolute coffins of finality

smug and convinced / buried and inarguable

the death of being contorting / the trembling

limbs of reaching and reaching....

eyes into wells, souls into hells....

fumbling and groping in the dark

tiring and slipping downward

in the dark....

seeing....finally seeing....clearly

in the dark.

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Dennis Cruz

Dennis Cruz is a vital Los Angeles poet and artist. His signature live reading style has placed an indelible stamp on the poetry and lives of the thousands of people that have seen him give voice to his work. To say Dennis Cruz is a live poet is to only insinuate a fraction of the meaning of the word. He is a practitioner of the experience, the improvisational, the essence of poem as a means to understanding self, pain, loss, and transcendence. Born in Costa Rica and brought to the United States as a young boy, he inhabits the voice of the perpetual outsider and the purely American dissident. He lives in Northeast Los Angeles with his family.

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