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Last updateTue, 06 Aug 2013 2am

Friday, 16 March 2012 19:27

Now Here is Nowhere

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Now Here is Nowhere Amanda Gowin

The air, thousands of blades rushing over the evershifting earth. I walk nameless and faceless through a featureless land beneath an unremarkable sky for I don't know how long or why. All white, the sky and ground connect past my sight and I walk in a bubble blaring with light. No edges, no lines, just billions of grains drifting past my shuffling feet. Every minute lasts the year and every mile takes me nowhere.

My song to carry you

The sun, a shade of yellow that barely exists. A white glare in a whiter sky. It tears through, bleaching every molecule to bone. The skin reds to the deepest shade, then peels, leaving only white, and falls to mix with the ivory sand. Every flake, a me consumed by the light. By the wind. By the dry corroded ocean. There's only sand and soon I shall be. The light is everywhere and everblinding. Hollowed out, it eats from the inside till I'll be only skin carried off by the wind.

Your hand in mine 

There are no animals, no birds or snakes. Not even a forgotten bone. It crumbles. It all crumbles and collapses into where I am. The desert soaks through and into until the desert is me and I am naught. 

Make you all new

I find nothing inside but sand and light. No place before here, but I know there was. I focus in the distance, to where earth and sky mate, but should be separate. A crack, if I can find a crack, a place between.

To shine so free

With every step I feel the blades cut deeper, the sand get thicker, and the air grow thinner. All things come and go. I won't break, but disintegrate. My heels dig deep and I leave them behind, my feet the shade of new snow. If not for the shadow, we'd be inseparable.

Born once more

My hair blows away, slipping from me to be lost, gathered in the endless. The only scent is my burning flesh and my dead dried eyes. Nothing to taste but the grit and spit on my teeth. If I stop I'll disappear in this nowhere, but the horizon's always out there beyond my reach. The sun above and the shade below, no matter how many steps, I never seem anywhere.

Beautiful and new

I write letters in my head to myself or whoever comes next. Letters for the me that's been past this, for the me that won't forget this. 

With nothing to remember

The waves rush past taking what was left of me with decayed claws of sand. Stealing my voice and slowing my heart. They'll leave nothing behind, but the grains my shadow stains. She stares back at me with slumped shoulders and long legs. Her words reach me, but I cannot understand. She grasps after me perpetually with long dark fingers that yin my bleached skin. 

And no past to regret

When I see the end, the sun sink through the earth, I promise, I'll remember you. But, for now, I am another and soon to be no longer.

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Last modified on Friday, 16 March 2012 19:36
edward j rathke

Getting foppish since '96.

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