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Last updateTue, 06 Aug 2013 2am

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Tuesday, 29 May 2012 00:33

Poor Daughter of Eve

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Poor Daughter of Eve Goltzius, Eve

She is the daughter of Eve
a dainty dame,
cursed by cleansing
and stewed in shame,
heckled with a hop
and scrubbed by a sponge
wronged by a washing wheel,
she plays the game
balancing the budget
of bills and bales.

She broods in the burden
of a womb,
weaning a weakling
for nine moons and a sun
and even after this
she is crippled
to nominate her name
for her breed
shackled in the spell
of a burdened bone.

She plays a cliff hanger
to control her craft
dictatorial if determined
arrogant in ambitions
a certificate to
prove her authenticity
are these thankless tasks
she obliges to,
and a silly surname
that reports her in respect
severely savaged by the sin
of ever tasting the forbidden fruit
Poor daughter of Eve.

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Last modified on Tuesday, 29 May 2012 00:46
Rinzu Rajan

Rinzu Rajan writes in an attempt to sear away from the boudaries of cliche. Research in the field of biology and feminist activism occupy the rest of her time and devotion. Despite the lack of formal training, Rinzu has written poetry in over 30 forms. Her work has featured in Bicycle Review, Houston Literary Review, Barnwood review,Red River Review, Muse India, Corvus, Poetry 24, The Copperfield Review and Asia Writes amongst others. 

Her upcoming features include “A Spinster Act” in Penwoood review, Suicide note in One Title magazine and “Child Bride” and “Grandmother” in Message in a Bottle poetry magazine. Her twitter handle is @rinzurajan and she blogs at www.rinzurajan.blogspot.in

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