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Sunday, 23 September 2012 18:55

Into Deep Relief

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You are going to miss
the end of the world.

The fireworks.
The silence.
The dark.
You will forget the date.
Close your eyes.
And smile.
For nothing
is what you desire.
And you find it.
And again.
In the forbidden walls
of your own mind.

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Last modified on Monday, 01 October 2012 16:56
A.J. Huffman

A.J. Huffman is a poet and freelance writer in Daytona Beach, Florida. She has previously published four collections of poetry: The Difference Between Shadows and  Stars, Carrying Yesterday, Cognitive Distortion, and . . . And Other Such Nonsense. She has also published her work in national and international literary journals such as Avon Literary Intelligencer, Writer's Gazette, and The Penwood Review. Find more about A.J. Huffman, including additional information and links to her work at
on Facebook and Twitter her @poetess222.

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