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Last updateTue, 06 Aug 2013 2am

Back You are here: Home Stories Words for the People Poetry February 2011: Bleeding Hearts One Market
Monday, 31 January 2011 18:42

One Market

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One Market
Drinks flowing
Her friends, not mine
Screwdriver, jingling ice: my crutch

Time creeps slow
Strong urge to flee
Compromise who I am for her
I love her

He walks in
The banter stops
Movie-star smile and sanguine stride
I know it’s

Straight to her
Kiss on the cheek
Those cocksuckers think I don’t know
I shake his

Stomach burns
Dutch courage smile
Cold water splash in men’s room sink
Time to let

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Tyler Knight

Tyler Knight is a pornstar, blogger and painter. His blog is located at TylerKnight.com.

Tyler's foray into writing began when he fielded questions on a mixed martial arts forum about his life as an adult film star. Tyler’s work has been published in several print and online literary magazines including Danse Macabre, Thieves Jargon, Ignavia Press, Thirst for Fire, Sex and Murder, and Ronin Press. He also writes a monthly column for a woman’s magazine, For The Girls. 

On August 4, 2010 his blow-up doll was a guest on The Colbert Report. Tyler was not invited.

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