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Saturday, 02 April 2011 20:00

I Have A Boyfriend

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“I have a boyfriend” she says

as I milk sighs and moans from her breasts

I know this will be over soon

because the mother hen is at the door,

yelling for her chick.

“Do you want to come over?”

Two weeks is how long it took

for the love inside her heart

to be forced into submission

by the lust between her legs

She hangs up the phone

I bring wine and a condom

Her room mate is gone, how convenient

for the sin I am about to enjoy

She couldn't speak as she sipped from the red plastic cup

But her eyes told me what her lips wanted

This is foreign territory so I tread lightly

Testing the waters with my tongue

The taste of a woman is bullshit

The only thing I have ever tasted

is Desire

“Do you want to fuck me?”



Just kidding, yes.

I burn a trail between her breasts

stopping to suck on her pierced navel

Her sighs of pleasures, experienced or anticipated

singe the air above my head

The length of her body dries my tongue just enough

to feel how wet her anticipation has become

when I finally reach my destination
I fly circles around her moistened slit, taking in the full of its beauty

There is no landing strip, only a bare runway

An anxious passenger, she is begging to get off

and braces for the impact of her body's orgasm

She contorts, whimpering at my power over her pleasure

I tell her I have control over her body, silently

Rather than interrupt the symphony

being conducted

Staccatoed notes tell me the climax draws near

and the symphony explodes, then silence

I drink the ambrosia of her sin.

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Last modified on Thursday, 15 March 2012 23:38
Xin He

Xin He is a soon-to-graduate undergrad at University of Illinois. Writing is the artsiest thing he can do, and much of his inspiration comes from Philalawyer and Tyler Knight. As an unabashed Economics geek and sex obsessed ex-frat boy, he finds himself to be the odd one out amongst writers.

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