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Back You are here: Home Stories Words for the People Poetry Writers in Residence: Dennis Cruz The Fear - June 2011 Writer in Residence: Dennis Cruz, Part 4
Monday, 27 June 2011 05:10

The Fear - June 2011 Writer in Residence: Dennis Cruz, Part 4

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The fear comes and i coil myself into a corner

Where the insects hiss bad dreams into my

Open ears and the blood pools in the pockets

Of memories where all those broken lives

Try over and over to mend themselves but can’t

And it’s not me dying in here anymore it’s we

And we can’t live like this anymore because

Of them and what their god damn meanings

Keep pushing me toward believing and i won’t

Not because i can’t but because i know i shouldn’t

And all my hiding becomes this smell i can’t

Get rid of / tentacles of thinking sucking at me

From behind my fluttering eyes that won’t stop

Blinking or weeping or feigning sleep that won’t

Come / waiting for something soft and calm to

Wash over me and keep me still and safe from

The rabid dogs that can smell the smell i can’t

Get rid of cause it’s me and my disease that won’t

Heal / the fear that won’t let go...and i crawl beneath

the sheets or under the bed...or i hide in the closet

or drive and drive in the dark, avoiding my mirrors

because my eyes are in there where i can see them

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Dennis Cruz

Dennis Cruz is a vital Los Angeles poet and artist. His signature live reading style has placed an indelible stamp on the poetry and lives of the thousands of people that have seen him give voice to his work. To say Dennis Cruz is a live poet is to only insinuate a fraction of the meaning of the word. He is a practitioner of the experience, the improvisational, the essence of poem as a means to understanding self, pain, loss, and transcendence. Born in Costa Rica and brought to the United States as a young boy, he inhabits the voice of the perpetual outsider and the purely American dissident. He lives in Northeast Los Angeles with his family.

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