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Wednesday, 15 December 2010 04:31

Myocardial Devotion

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It's not as apparent as it used to be, but you can still see a line slicing down most of the left side of my chest. The scar is slightly lighter in color than the rest of my skin. If anything, the scar matches the color of my nipples; a Nadeshiko pink. During the summer it’s more noticeable when I get a tan. They say the surgery was the first of its kind. Especially to be performed on a baby merely a few days old. The surgery is no longer practiced as there have been alternatives to treat the defect.

What the doctors told my mother was that I was born with a heart that was too large for my chest cavity. According to doctors, it wasn't a threat to my health as long as it was given enough room to properly grow and function and that in time it would end up to be a regular sized heart. The first problem they faced was that they didn't know how to make the necessary room and how risky the procedure was to be considering how small I was. They decided sufficient room would be made by removing the first rib on the left side of my chest. If they removed the third or fourth rib, my heart would be subject too risk from a possible blow to the area.

After figuring that all out the only problem left was finding tools small enough to fit in and around the incision they would make in order to remove my rib. They found a company that made smaller sized surgical instruments that were intended for pets and other small animals that required a bone or a limb to be removed. They put in an order and had the tools within three days.

The surgery lasted a few hours and ultimately it was a success. The rib was cut from the sternum to the first thoracic. They said that there would be no real lasting effects, none hazardous to my health, anyway. I have only found that there are two lasting effects of this procedure. The first was how prominent the scar was for most of my childhood. As stated, it is not as apparent as it used to be, but it’s still visible. The second lasting affect due to this once large heart of mine is that although it has stopped growing, I just can't help but love you so much.

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Frank Reyes

Cop by day, novelist by night. Vigilante on the days off. Novelist on the nights off.

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