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Last updateTue, 06 Aug 2013 2am

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Displaying items by tag: interviews
Thursday, 14 June 2012 15:18

Mlaz Corbier with Curiouser and Curiouser

C&C: Do you have favorite fairy tales? Tell me about them. You write some lovely twisted ones, how interested are you in old fairy tales?

In most any fairystory I read there is something that amuses me, especially the Grimm collection

C&C: What was your favorite toy as a child and why?

Easy… I had a five-foot (at least) styrofoam replica of a t-rex skeleton. I have no idea where my parents found it, and I’ve never met another person who had one as a kid.

C&C: Climbing – Would you engage in a climbing contest with me? Say there were two trees side by side, similar in build, and I beat you? Would you be a gracious loser or a sore loser and claim ridiculous things like the branches were less evenly spaced or covered in excess sap on the tree you were dealt?

I would gladly take this challenge. In fact, I will challenge anyone to a climbing contest. Barefoot or shoed. I don’t really climb rocks, because it’s too weird to make friends with rocks, but trees? Yeah. A thousand times over. Trees are the kind of people you can trust not to drop you or push you off.

C&C: When you’re in the house do you generally wear shoes or are you barefoot or in socks? What about right now?

Genetics and altitude dictate that I wear socks whenever possible. My father has chimpanzee hands for feet. As a kid I remember seeing them hanging off the couch and I’d wonder if he was a government experiment gone wrong. My mother said it was due to ill-fitting shoes as a child, and maybe she’s right, but the toes would curl over as if holding an invisible roll of coins. The big toe was more thumb-like too, and leant away from the rest of the toes. When I hit my growth spurt during my teens, my feet began to get longer. I say feet, but it was my toes. The actual foot remained the same size.

 C&C: Do you dress up to take your kids trick-or-treating?

I dress up even when it’s not Halloween. So, yeah, definitely then. And, I guess I could use the kids as an excuse, but, I mean — it’s Halloween, right? How can somebody not dress up? Last year, or maybe the year before, I even won the CU costume contest. Had to do the (conventional) splits on-stage for it, though, which meant leg wraps for weeks afterwards. But it was worth it, and, if you’re a zombie cheerleader, you’ve got to sell it, too.