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Six is a creep. She has no biography and only knows two jokes.

Valentine's Day. It's copiously commercialized, atrociously unavoidable, and just so fucking... pink. While most people are out at fancy restaraunts, eating food they can't afford and watching flowers wilt, some of us... aren't. Here's a quick list of slashers for those of us who would rather stay home, a little bitter, a little bored, or just in the mood for a different shade of red.

Saturday, 11 December 2010 20:40

Six's Top 6 Vacation Destinations: Tanganyika

Currently known as Tanzania, Tanganyika is a prime vacation spot that lays between the Indian Ocean and three of the largest of the African great lakes: Lake Victoria, Lake Malawi, and Lake Tanganyika.

 Number Six:

Bubbly Creek, Chicago

In the early 19th and 20th centuries, Chicago was a rapidly expanding city rife with stockyards and meat packing plants. For close to a hundred years the Union Stock Yards in central Illinois functioned as the meat packing capital of the US, helping establish Chicago as "the hog butchering capital of the world."